Advent 2016

Welcoming Advent time, time to give attention to our loved ones.

Handmade bags and necklaces are great gifts.

Siger adalah nama lain dari Mahkota dalam bahasa Lampung. Mahkota ini biasa dipakai dalam acara Adat Lampung untuk menunjukkan Keagungan Akal Pikiran manusia sehingga kepala manusia harus mendapatkan Kehormatan dan Kebanggaannya dengan ber Mahkota. Size : 13,5 x 14 cm Warna : 6 warna pilihan Bahan : lempengan besi tipis yg disepuh dan dibentuk

Siger Mahkota Lampung
Handmade by the local community in Medan, Sumatera – Necklace: Siger Mahkota Lampung & Handbag: Pine Wood Pouch

Dimulai adanya legenda 9 Harimau yang menjaga pusaka Minang harta kekayaan keluarga kerajaan Minangkabau secara turun temurun dengan Cakar Harimau sebagai lambang senjata / kekuatan magis sang penjaga pusaka

Cakar Harimau Minangkabau
Handmade by local housewives in Medan, Sumatera – Necklace: Cakar Harimau Minangkabau & Handbag: Cluthbag Galax Belt

The story behind the bag

The story behind the bags – how Eka Riviera Handmade Crystallink Bags starts as an idea from home and proves that a successful idea can be found anywhere.

Our Story

On her 35th birthday, Mrs. Eka received a beautiful Crystla Link hand bag, hand made personally by her beloved mother. She wore her bag everywhere and received adorement from other ladies. They asked her where to order this bag, so Eka started to produce this bag by her own, together with her mother, and sold them to their friends. This home-made small business grew fast and they start to gather their neighbours, all house-wives, and train them to make the bags as well.

Each product of Eka Riviera is handmade from herself, her mother and several helpers. With the attention to materials, details and end result, all bags have a high quality with a unique appearance with a limited stock for each design. So you can have a outsought bag with an exclusive design with a limited pieces, only up to 5 pieces world wide.

Tidak hanya fokus dalam pembuatan tas, Eka Riviera juga sering mengadakan seminar dan pelatihan gratis bagi yang ingin belajar dan melihat cara pembuatan tas crystal link ataupun tentang bagaimana menjadi seorang pengusaha wanita yang sukses.

Not only focusing on the production, Eka Riviera holds seminars and trainings (most of them are free of charge) for everyone who wants to learn how to make the Crystal Link bags or generally how to build up his/her own businesses. Her target groups are housewives, who have time at home and who want to have their own income.

Behind the success of Eka Riviera

Mrs. Dyah Warsutji

She is Eka Riviera’s mother and the starting point of the idea to run this business. Until today, Mrs. Dyah has been producing more bags by herself as handmade products to support her daughter.

Mrs. Eka Kuswardani

After receiving her birthday gift, Eka started her business as the producer of the crystal link bags, all handmade products. She starts with a social idea to support many housewives to work in group and therefore create and produce more bags with different designs. Eka shares her knowledge to everyone. She is truly someone to look up to in doing business with love and care.


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